Rare and Unusual Vehicles

Here's a collection of some wierd, wonderful or just downright rare vehicles that I've photographed over the years.  Not complete by any means - just a sample!

Moggy Minor  Morris Minor Limosine, photographed at the Woodley Park British Car Show, Los Angeles, 1998

Ecurie Ecosse  Ecurie Ecosse Transporter + XK8 displayed at at Le Mans, 1995.  This is the original transporter used by the Ecurie Ecosse team in the 1950s to transport their D-type Jaguars and Lister Jaguars etc.

XJ13  XJ13 displayed at at Le Mans, 1995.  Truly a one-off car.  Designed to race against the Ford GT40s, but never put into production.  Crashed whilst being driven (by Jag's chief test driver, Norman Dewis) for a publicity film many years later and finally rebuilt to its original condition.

GM Bus 2  GM "Futurliner" seen just off Ventura Blvd in "The Valley" only 12 were ever built - For more details see: http://www.futurliner.com   or  http://www.joeld.net/futurliner/futurliner.html

Audi Avus  Audi Avus concept car in Audi showroom, Berlin 1998.  Named after the famous banking in Berlin.

Triumph Lynx  Triumph Lynx - the fastback that never was.  Gaydon, England 1999

MG  MG prototype built by Rover just before designing the MG RV8.  Gaydon, England 1999