Theatrical Reviews  


  “Twelfth Night” - Merlin Theatre, Sheffield

Broadway World
April 20, 2019
“...Graves' Malvolio is also a highlight - making the character a little more sympathetic than he's often played."

  “The Crucible” - Theatre Banshee, Burbank

LA Times
April 28, 2011
“Donald Agnelli and Andrew Graves' judicial tag-team are other focal points amid a seamless, selfless ensemble."

LA Theatre Review
April 27, 2011
"Andrew Graves' commanding presence as Deputy-Governor Danforth did a great deal to amp up the tension and stakes of this town torn apart by accusations."

  “WAR” - Theatre Banshee, Burbank

November 4, 2010
“George's teammates - delightfully played by Donald Agnelli, Andrew Graves, and Kevin Stidham - endure his almost schizophrenic outbursts of joy and anger.”

"These West Coast premieres ["War" and "The Field"] are superb examples of ensemble plays that are flawless in structure and execution."

Glendale News-Press
November 20, 2010
"[Tim] Cummings delivers an award worthy performance...Just as commendable are Donald Agnelli, Andrew Graves and Kevin Stidham as George's put-upon teammates Martin, Features and Gary"

  “Henry V” - Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena
September 11, 2007
“Andrew Graves also gives an extremely colorful performance, doing an excellent job of standing out from the set and staging for his brief moments on the stage.”

  “Sleeping Beauty ” - Newhall Playhouse

Santa Clarita Signal
June 17, 2005
“Once again the enormously talented actor Andrew Graves charmed the audience with his wit and British accent as he narrated 'Sleeping Beauty'.

  “The Author's Thumb” - Theatre Unlimited, NoHo

Backstage West
September 22, 2004
“...the tremendously versatile Andrew Graves pulls off a half-dozen hilarious characterizations, including an Irish-brogued Parson, a self-important Ghost, and Mustacha, certainly the ugliest female courtesan imaginable.”

LA Weekly
September 23, 2004
“... Andrew Graves, Mullich, Le Crenn and James Kevin Ward shine in multiple roles”

  “BEDROOM FARCE” - Pasadena Shakespeare Company

Pasadena Star News
March 17, 2003
“Diana Jellinek and Andrew Graves bring genuine warmth and comic timing to the loving, party-throwing couple whose very stability of relationship underscores the angst of everyone else's.” 

“Needles weaves the stories together with exquisite timing.  The physical comedy is beautifully choreographed, the whipping from room to room looks like clockwork, and the comedy is free to flow without any of the common impediments.   It all seems deceptively natural, meaning it took the work of real craftsmen.”   


  “Henry V” - Pasadena Shakespeare Company

LA Weekly
March 13, 2002
The best work, however, rises from the ranks: Robert Peterson as the aptly named Pistol, Andrew Graves as the feisty Welsh captain Fluellen and Ben MacDonald as the soldier whose just grievances speak to the cause of peace.