Photos from "True Caribbean Pirates"
The History Channel

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Benjamin Hornigold - at Dana Point The Pilgrim - a dock scene at Dana Point The Pilgrim - at dawn
Blackbeard - at sea Pirate Captains - Arrrg! Benjamin Hornigold - looking enigmatic
Nino - without the wig Captain Morgan - Lance with non-period eyeglass Pirate re-enactors - more arrrg!
A Body - burial at sea The Ships - at dock in Dana Point Location 2 - Puerto Rico, posing as Nassau, c1715
Hornigold - asleep in Nassau Hornigold & Jennings - in the Nassau bar Jennings - gambling and drinking in Nassau
Hugo & Liz - our makeup team Locals - some of our Puerto Rican extras Woodes Rogers - Jake strikes a hero pose
Ladies of the night - our local Nassau "prostitutes" Ladies of the night - more ladies of easy virtue Heather - half of our wardrobe team
Puerto Rico - old San Juan at night Big Budget - we even had chairs with our names on!! (That's irony my friends) San Juan - cruise ships dock below the castle walls